costumes as laser technology to cut and construct garments without seaming or stitching.''

Also touted is a range of French lingerie called Milkshake wholesale halloween costumes in a fabric made of milk proteins that contains 10 amino acids to hydrate the skin.

The cupless anti-wrinkle wholesale swimwear bra designed by Decollete is supposed to be thrown on at bedtime keeping breasts apart to prevent the formation of feared crinkles that appear in the night.

"I dread swimwear manufacturers to think of my husband's likely reaction if I was to come to bed wearing it,'' said one blogger on www.truthinaging.com, a site that has already consigned the bra to its "department of daft''.

The smart bra from Slovenia's Lisca boasts cups made of memory foam that ebbs and flows with body-heat - a NASA patented technology from the 1960s.

Some 20,000 lingerie types from more than 100 nations are due to attend the end-month Paris fair, bringing together more than 500 brands, including Brazil's LZ, flying in with an ultra-light bra that weighs in at 67 grams.

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to swish parties and rub shoulders with celebrities who never know my name.

But one day every year the Victorias corset style bra Secret angels come out in full ab-defying cellulite free force.On that day I feel like a big fat failure.

Adriana womens bikinis sale Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio looks incredible, as usual.

The job requires I spend hour upon hour trawling suit underwear through the runway pictures to use for publication.

I must scroll through photos of new mum Alessandro Ambrosio, all legs and sixpack tummy, radiating in a barely there red sequined bra and knickers.I must flick through countless images, to see if there are any new faces or Aussie links.

Aussie model Kelly Gale walks the runway at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show at Earls Court.I am inundated with boobs and booty, which leads me to think about my own.

I will not dwell on this, only to say my thoughts are unkind.This leads me to thinking the lingerie giants show should come with an OH & S warning for women  watching may induce serious self-loathing or at leave you feeling inadequate.