Making mental choices and attributing values to it, is a natural phenomena that is often seen in the western society. As we move out from identifying ourselves with material values, we get to know ourselves better and those around us.


Mood swings are often accompanied with a mental position. Sometimes we make judgments like good and wrong, hostile and friendly. We build our relationships based on perceived sensations of other person’s motives. Our internal drive to protect ourselves from external harm is so deeply ingrained within us that it interferes with our objective decision making. Sometimes diversity is the key to reaching objectivity. I somebody was to write my essays for me, I would surely get some other views that I would never have thought myself. These unique characteristics of creative action can be seen as an inalienable bond between author and his work. The connection that makes creativity shine comes from a deeper place than us, one should be able to see it clearly when his mind is in a peaceful state.


Connecting with our creative side requires patience. If we’re used to external noise, one should overcome this and find inner peace within himself to be able to reach out for his inner creative potential.

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